A lasting tribute

Creating a Tribute Fund in memory of a loved one who died from MND, or a special person who cared for someone living with the condition, is a meaningful way of celebrating their life, while supporting our fight against MND.

Your Tribute Fund

Setting up your Tribute Fund is simple, and once set up it can provide a focal point for family and friends to share thoughts and memories, as well as light candles, add photos, videos and music.

All of your donations and fundraising can be added too; perhaps in lieu of flowers or special occasions.

Common questions

We appreciate that you need to know all the details before deciding whether MuchLoved is the right home for your Tribute.

Over many years we have answered many questions! Hopefully you will find any concerns or queries you have are addressed below.

Questions and answers about:

If your question has not been answered please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please note: we try to respond as quickly as possible but there is always a short delay when dealing with a new request for information. For immediate answers you may prefer to consult the more extensive online help files available within the MuchLoved Community. You may also find that a member of the community will be available to help you with your questions more quickly than our support team.

Where to next ?

Fundraise for us

Once set up, you can donate into or raise money for your Tribute Fund, and invite your friends and family to do so too – building a lasting tribute to your special person and giving vital financial support to our work.

However you choose to support us, your help will ensure the care and support of people living with MND both now and in the future.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to #TeamMND. We have ideas and events to suit all ages and abilities, so why not take a look at our fundraising events or organise your own.