Ensuring your privacy

Your Tribute is a personal expression of your feelings and memories so it is important you can set the exact level of privacy that you need.

This is a fundamental part of the MuchLoved service to you.

Private Tributes

You can keep your website totally private to just you if you wish. Or you can use the 'Invitation Manager' in your Settings panel to restrict access to just include your chosen friends and family. This 'Invitation Manager' also helps you know if they have been able to visit and you can add and remove guests as you like.

Public Tributes

If you prefer, you can make your website totally accessible to everyone on the web, you can give anyone the link and anyone can visit. You can switch your Tribute to become private or public at anytime, it’s totally your decision.

Accepting Contributions (such as Candles, Thoughts and photos)

As well as deciding who has access to view your website, you can also decide whether to allow contributions from visitors , so that there is no concern over receiving unwanted postings. Whilst most Tribute Guardians (that’s what we call you!) enable visitors to contribute messages of condolence, memories and photos, you can easily disable this option so that visitors can still view but not add content to your site.

If you have allowed visitor contributions, you can opt to approve them before they are actually posted onto your site, with an email alert sent to you whenever a new contribution has been made. This facility ensures that you are always in control of any additions made to your site and that you can easily thank people for their contribution.

Changing privacy settings

As with all features of your Tribute, your privacy settings can be changed whenever you want, so you are always in charge of access and contributions. This ensures that your Tribute remains your own special commemorative place at all times.

Where to next ?

Memorial to Frank & Betty
Frank & Betty
Nana & Grandad
Memorial to Jim Bailey
Jim Bailey
1937 - 2009
Memorial to Raymond James Danson
Raymond James Danson
1954 - 2003
Memorial to Simon Wallis
Simon Wallis
A loving & missed dad

Mary with some of her supporters

"The Tribute Fund provides a very positive focus. It pulls everyone together for a common cause"
Suzanne Despard, whose mother Mary died from MND in 2008.